A Case Study On a Web Design Project


Here is a case study of an online academic community that teaches students who want to learn programming or coding.  We have carefully taken the time to design and develop the content as well as the branding for the community. Of course, we took the ‘plan, design, implement’ approach. Therefore we gathered the necessary information that we needed to know from the client and we implemented the right web solutions.


  • Level Zero Academy


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build


  • 12 Pages
  • Illustrations
  • Icons
  • Styleguide
  • WordPress Build


  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Social Media

Style & Imagery



Poppins Semibold 32pt

Poppins Regular 24pt

Poppins Regular 16pt

Poppins Bold 14pt

Our standard-used font for the website is the Poppins font. We also use this font for all websites as it provides a clean and rounded look for all sentences, paragraphs, and sections. We also chose locally-made icons with sharp edges to provide a more technologically-oriented atmosphere for website visitors.

UI Blocks

Main Pages

The main pages we have used for the community website are the home page (for the main info), the services page (which includes the pricing plans and extensive details of the various services), the signup page, the contact page, and the store. When we had put these pages together and created the connecting links, we had then proceeded to add the necessary plugins to accept orders and payments from the prospective students. Once this was implemented, the website was posted and the community started doing online business. Here ever after, we continue to communicate and work together to further develop their content.

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