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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

What website platform does Webnutive use?

In building and hosting websites, we use the WordPress platform. WordPress is a Content Management System (or CMS for short). CMS platforms encompass a wide selection of software tools that have one thing in common — they aim to make site building easy and accessible for everyone.

what page/theme builder do you use to create web pages?

We use the Divi Theme Builder to create web pages. This is so because It is an extra software used with WordPress that offers the flexibility of design. It also enhances the design on the already established WordPress platform.

Do you work out customized prices and packages for clients?

Yes, we do! We understand that many clients prefer more or less complex tasks for their endeavors. This is why we are flexible enough to customize the prices that come with the client’s case.

What web tool/plugin do you use to optimize webpages and blogs?

We use the SEO Yoast plugin to optimize our web page information. It can easily be found by the people who are looking for similar content in the search engines. Therefore, We also utilize software called ‘Word Trackers.’ They identify the most common words we use in search engines and uses those results in the SEO Yoast Plugin.

Are freelancers here open to doing other tasks than what is advetrised?

Of Course! Apart from being a collective web page and graphic design contact, our freelancers, possessing the general skills of design, are able to work on any task and collaborate with any external party to get the job done. At WebNutive, we are all about flexibility, teamwork, and success.

What is responsive Website Design?

Responsive web design is the situation in which a website can fit into a screen; no matter the screen size. Because of this responsiveness, Smaller screens like smartphones and tablets can display a website’s contents differently than a desktop computer, laptop, or PC.

How long will it typically take to complete a website?

Based on the functionality required by the client, a website may take up to 3 weeks to complete.

What is Web hosting?

Web Hosting is needed to host a website on the internet. It provides a space for your website on the World Wide Web. Without web hosting, a website may not be considered safe. This is very important as hosting also includes security mechanisms that may vary depending on the hosting service. As a result, You need web hosting for your website to become publicized.

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